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The Best of Summer Festivals

WRITTEN BY Emily Meadows

Sitting on the brink of March, students are ready to thaw out, liven up and start making those anticipated (and well-deserved) summer plans. But for many music fanatics, summer translates to only one thing: festival season.

Governors Ball Music Festival 2012 / Photo via

Governors Ball Music Festival 2012 / Photo via

The days of coast-to-coast travel to secure your camping spot are long gone, and the mass concert craze has sprouted in nearly every region of the country.

Maybe you want to save some cash on gas, or Bonnaroo just isn’t for you. Whatever the case, you’re no longer bound to Manchester or Chicago for a live, musically packed outdoor experience.

Here’s a list of some of this summer’s best northeastern festivals that may be better suited for you, or maybe just a little closer to home:

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WRITTEN BY Sara Cottle

Today’s Inspiration Polyvore board is perfect for this weather. This week has been inspired from gothic roses, dark forests,
dimly light candles with textures, black lips, velvet, and emeralds.

Emerald is going to be a hot color this year and this black
maxi dress is a perfect winter time alternative to long pants. If you were ever wondering what to wear a fashion forward
shag jacket with, this is it.

Keep this gothic chic look in mind for the week when you just want to feel cozy as you’re trying to make it through this weather, and you’ll be sure to keep your edge.

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Carmen Production at WVU

Carmen production at WVU / 2.7.2013 / Photo by Madii Meadows

WRITTEN BY Madii Meadows
                       & Sara Cottle
PHOTOS BY Madii Meadows
Local happenings last week included Carmen, the 3-hour, tragic opera that was showing at the Creative Arts Center Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

The brilliant costume designer behind this run of the show is Mary McClung, WVU’s very own Associate Director of Costume Design and Costume Director. Professor McClung has great experience in her field that includes working with immaculate companies such as Disney and Universal Studios.

I was given the amazing opportunity to work as a member of the costume crew for Carmen, which allowed me to not only get personal with the costumes and actors themselves, but also take a few photos and capture the behind the scenes magic.

It is magnificently apparent that the designs truly capture the personality and story schemes of each character, bringing the opera to life on the stage. From the cigarette girls scantily clad in their linens, to the ladies dressed to the nines with cat-eye glasses and straw purses, the cast of Carmen is delightfully saturated.

McClung’s amazing work with color scheme, especially showcased in the scarlet reds of Carmen’s wardrobe, helps liven the storyline and personify the tragedy. Other common motifs found within the costuming of the show include vibrant florals and bold colors, as seen in the following gallery. The costumes were by Mary McClung.

FBA: The Fashion Business Association (FBA) here at West Virginia University is great way to get involved and network with likeminded individuals who share a passion for fashion and style! Being a member has many perks, like trips, guest talks on hot topics in the industry (portfolios, internships, resume building, etc!), and making a ton of new friends with interests like your own! The Association meets every Tuesday at 8pm in the Mountainlair (room announced the week of). The next meeting is on February 19th, and they would love to have you there! You can find them on Facebook.
Thursday, February 7th was the start of the semi-annual New York Fashion Week which takes place in February and September of each year.
It’s 8 days of designers debuting their 2013 Collections.
The first show of the week was a New York based design company, Nicholas K.
For more information on Fashion Week and to stay updated visit:
or follow Fashion Week on Twitter (@mbfashionweek)

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Local tattoo studio hosts Sailor Jerry Day

Sailor Jerry Day at Wild Zero Studios / 1.26.2013 / Photo by Emily Smith

Sailor Jerry Day at Wild Zero Studios / 1.26.2013 / Photo by Emily Smith


It wasn’t long after the snow began to fall last Saturday morning that a line began forming outside the front door of Wild Zero Tattoo Studio on Pleasant Street.

The patrons, bundled from head to toe with coffee cups in hand, were waiting to attend the 5th annual Sailor Jerry Day at Wild Zero.

Sailor Jerry Day commemorates iconic tattoo legend Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, with the appeal of the event being “old school tattoos at old school prices.” Tattoo enthusiasts in the Morgantown area look forward to the event every year.

Eric Carlson, owner and tattoo artist at Wild Zero, opened the shop in 2006 and held their first Sailor Jerry Day in 2009. Carlson said that each year has been even more successful than the last, with this year being their busiest yet.

“Sailor Jerry Day is a great opportunity to have a large group of our customers interact and have a good time while getting tattoos in a festive environment,” said Carlson.

Sailor Jerry Day at Wild Zero Studios / 1.26.2013 / Photo by Emily Smith

Sailor Jerry Day at Wild Zero Studios / 1.26.2013 / Photo by Emily Smith

Six tattoo artists worked at Wild Zero’s Sailor Jerry Day this year. Carlson and two other Wild Zero artists, Chris Triantifilou and Chris Rhodes, participated alongside guest artists, Nick Quinn from Black Eagle Tattoo in Charleston, W.Va., Landon Lewis and Ryan Spahr from Black Thorn Gallery in Mechanicsburg, Pa.

Carlson plans to continue the annual event.

Wild Zero Studios is located at 229 Pleasant St. Morgantown.

For more information, hours and more you can visit their website.

Check out the gallery from Sailor Jerry Day: