WRITTEN BY Sara Cottle

Today’s Inspiration Polyvore board is perfect for this weather. This week has been inspired from gothic roses, dark forests,
dimly light candles with textures, black lips, velvet, and emeralds.

Emerald is going to be a hot color this year and this black
maxi dress is a perfect winter time alternative to long pants. If you were ever wondering what to wear a fashion forward
shag jacket with, this is it.

Keep this gothic chic look in mind for the week when you just want to feel cozy as you’re trying to make it through this weather, and you’ll be sure to keep your edge.


Show StyleBy Madii Meadows

On Sunday night the bands Why?, Astronautalis, and Dream Tiger played at Morgantown’s 123 Pleasant Street. While enjoying the show, I paid attention to common garments worn by several members of the crowd. As a result, here is a quick list of good ensemble choices when deciding what to wear to a venue, and why!

1. A Comfortable Beanie – Not only does it add a laid back vibe to your outfit, but it also serves as a quick fix for messy hair caused by moving around in the audience at a show.

(Thrift Knit Beanie by Coal – $30.00)


2. A Medium Weight Jacket – It’s better to wear a mid-weight jacket rather than a heavy coat to a show, even if it’s cold outside. This way, you can keep it on while you’re watching the show without getting overheated by the tightly packed crowd.

(Vegan Leather Bomber Jacket by BDG – $99.00)


via BDG

3. A Shoulder Bag – Having a bag on you that’s big enough to carry all of your necessities (ID, Phone, Wallet) is important, but try to choose one that is going to hang over your shoulder and fit closely to your body in order to keep your belongings safe.

(Patent Messenger Bag from Forever21 – $29.80)

via Forever 21

via Forever 21

4. Supportive Shoes – When you’re standing for long periods of time, it’s better to not wear heels or wedges. Wear a shoe that offers ankle support, and that is relatively flat-bottomed!

(Dr. Martens Boot  – $120)


via Dr. Martens


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