Donora & TeamMate return to 123

WRITTEN BY Emily Meadows                                                                                                                                                     PHOTOS BY Emily Meadows & Cori Lucotch

Best Friends at 123 Pleasant Street / 1.12.2013 / Photo by Emily Meadows

Best Friends at 123 Pleasant Street / 1.12.2013 / Photo by Emily Meadows

Indie pop vivacity took the stage in a familiar form at 123 Pleasant Street Tuesday night. Pittsburgh-based Donora and WVU alumni duo TeamMate returned to the venue’s stage together for a second time, with the addition of local Morgantown-based opener, Best Friends.

While the mid-week show didn’t attract the largest crowd, it did appeal to a vibrant variety of fan loyalists.

Best Friends brought fresh performances from their newest release, keeping their set exuberant as always. Jordan Pack and John Casey swapped divergent vocals for a favorable variety, and Jami Calandros provided the first dose of strong female drumming of the night. The quartet upheld their unique and diverse approach to electronic and pop genres while keeping classic rock and roll vibes in tact. Currently the number one charted album on U92 FM, Best Friends is bringing their talents to the forefront of the current local music scene.

Donora at 123 Pleasant Street / 1.12.2013 / Photo by Emily Meadows

Donora at 123 Pleasant Street / 1.12.2013 / Photo by Emily Meadows

No strangers to Morgantown, Donora returned for another well-received backyard performance following Best Friends. The former mayday! dance party regulars still foster a dedicated following in the area, bringing their soft and sweet danceable pop-rock hooks. Recently featured in a Nationwide Insurance commercial, the trio has gained more expansive recognition within the last year, but proved they haven’t strayed away from their steadfast fun loving roots.

TeamMate kept the party rolling with their effervescent persona, complimented with a second sighting of female drumming from Dani Buncher, a former snare drum player for the WVU marching band. The duo, which just so happens to be a creative collaboration between exes, unites their talents in electronics, keyboarding and percussion to formulate an easy-going yet animated sound. The duo also premiered their newest single, and made sure to give a formal shout out to their Alma matter. Wrapping up just before midnight, the twosome kept fans on their feet until the final minute.

Donora and TeamMate will be stopping in a handful of east coast cities through Feb. 16. They will be at the KungFu Necktie in Philadelphia on Feb. 14.

Listen to Best Friends new album in its entirety on Bandcamp and stream tracks on SoundCloud

Visit Donora’s official website & TeamMate’s official website

Check out the gallery from the show on Jan. 12:


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